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Glow on the Dock Cleats

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These premium aircraft grade aluminum cleats are powder coated with our advanced photo-luminescent pigments. Use as navigational landmarks, or to prevent accidents on the dock. These industrial strength vivid glow cleats can easily recharge in sunlight and will glow for hours.

Popular Uses

These Dock Cleats are ideal for both personal and public docking zones to improve visibility and safety conditions at night for hours on end. They fit most bolt and foot patterns of modern cleats and can be added to personal watercrafts as needed.

Average Charging Times

1 Minute of Direct Sunlight 

1-10 seconds with a Flashlight 

5-10 Minutes of Ambient Light

Key Features 

7″ Bolt Pattern - 1 and 7/8″ (one inch and seven eighths) center to center.

10″ Bolt Pattern is 3″ (three inches) center to center. Each aluminum glow-in-the-dark cleat is sold separately. These individual cleats can be purchased in 7” and 10” Bolt Patterns. Hardware is not included.


We are proud to provide a reliable photo-luminescent product that is non-toxic, non-radioactive and contains no liquids or gels. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed