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Product Description

One of our brightest glowing products!

The World's First Powder Coated Aluminum Glow in the dark Dock Cleat. These are made with premium aircraft grade aluminum and the very best glow pigments available. They have a glossy, ceramic type look and feel to them.

These aluminum Glow in the Dark Dock Cleats are ideal for docks where ambient lighting is minimal or nonexistent. The cleats simply charge in the sun during daylight, and emit a brilliant and bright green glow all night.

These are also ideal for delineating the dock edges for better safety in the black of night. Their glow makes them a welcome landmark when viewed from the water at night. You will actually be doing everyone a favor by adding these to your dock as they become impromptu night navigation beacons.

These glowing cleats have also been found to fit many of the most common bolt and foot patterns of modern cleats, and many of our customers have been able to retrofit these on to their personal water crafts.

7″ Bolt pattern is 1 7/8″ (one inch and seven eighths) center to center
10″ Bolt bolt pattern is 3″ (Three inches) center to center

There are many great uses for these cleats besides docks.

7″ Cleat Bolt holes are 1 7/8″ center to center. 10″ Bolt holes are 3″ on center

(Hardware not included)

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