About Us

We want to change the way people feel about navigating recreational and labour driven activities in the dark. This is why we are proud to offer the most durable, safe and incredibly vibrant battery-free light sources on the market. Our advanced photo-luminescent technology brings an array of unique high-quality products that are built to last, require low maintenance, are easy to charge and remain vivid for up to 8 hours.


While we specialize in safety, recreational and boating products, our ultimate mission is to improve the safety and enjoyment of whatever task you’re engaged in. Whether you’re on a night hike with your pets, spending the weekend on the water, camping with your friends or working in poorly lit zones, GLOROPE products get you the most visibility out of dark conditions.

Scott, the owner and CEO of GLOROPE is a 25 year veteran of the Royal Canadian Navy with tours in the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Haiti. Spending much of his career in high-risk situations, safety products and procedures became essential skills for survival. This is why Scott leads GLOROPE with a passion to provide exceptional, frontline and innovative glow in the dark products that will upgrade your experiences in the dark from dangerous to luminous.