Keep Your Pets Safe with GloRope

Keep Your Pets Safe with GloRope

If you work long hours, you might be the kind of dog owner that can only walk their furry companion after the sun has already set.  It can be stressful to walk a dog in the dark, especially if that dog has dark fur and blends into the surroundings.  If your dog has hearing problems and can’t always come when you call, or sight problems and cannot see in the dark very well, it can be hard to think of solutions.  

Luckily, there are some great ways to keep you and your pets safe and visible at night with quality glow-in-the-dark products from GloRope!  Here are a few that are great for keeping track of your pets when there’s not a lot of light in your surroundings.

Glow Pet Collar

The glow pet collar charges using natural, U.V. or halogen light.  This means that while your dog wears their collar all day it absorbs light on its own without having to be taken off.  By the time the night rolls around you’ll be able to see your pup from hundreds of feet away and can rest easy knowing they are within your eyesight should you let them run around a leash-free area after dark. The collar is also durable and easy to put on, featuring a rugged-tough (RT) plastic easy snap connecter and slide adjuster.

Glow Monkey Fist Dog Toy

Tennis balls don’t exactly light up the night – and let’s face it, a dog can lose track of a tennis ball in broad daylight (it doesn’t take a lot to hide one). So when you want to play a game of fetch with your dog after hours, you don’t have to rely on pawing around in the dark for a tennis ball – get your dog a glow monkey fist dog toy.  It can shine bright at night after a day in the sun and has a long durable rope handle to make both throwing and retrieval easier - and less likely to get dog slobber all over your hands.  And best of all – it’s 100% non-toxic!

Protect your dog from careless drivers, tunnel-vision cyclists, or simply from getting lost by decking them out in GloRope pet products – your fuzzy pal will thank you!
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