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4 Products to Increase Night Safety At the Cottage

If you own, rent or travel often to cottages in the summer, you know how dark it gets at night up in Cottage Country. There is minimal street lighting and none whatsoever on the water. It can be very dangerous at night with such low visibility in your surroundings. At Glorope, we sell glow-in-the-dark safety products that will provide you with a vibrant glow to increase visibility at night. Here are some products that will help.

1 - Glow in the Dark Dock Cleats

If you moor your boat to a dock, installing our “Glow on the Dock Cleats” will help you dock safer at night. Our dock cleats are made from premium aircraft-grade aluminum, coated with our advanced photo-luminescent pigments. With a full charge, you will be able to see your dock in low light situations, safely moor your boat, and prevent accidents. They can also be added to personal watercraft as needed.

2- Vinyl Hull Guard Fender

Our heavy-duty vinyl fenders offer durability and advanced glow-in-the-dark safety features. Our fenders are made with premium grade thick-walled vinyl, are double moulded on the ends and offer high UV resistance. The fenders will protect your boat’s hull and your dock from scuffs, mare or damage. The vibrant glow will help you dock at night and announce your boat's position to other boats on the water.

3 - Glow-in-the-Dark Vinyl Buoys

If your boats anchor offshore, a glow-in-the-dark buoy will help make night anchoring easier and safer. Plus, it will help make your boat visible to other boats on the water! Our buoys are heavy-duty and built to last with double moulded ends, seamless construction and high UV resistance. The vibrant glow will also ensure other boaters can see your anchor lines.

4- GloRope

Our signature double-braided glow-in-the-dark rope is technically engineered to provide the best utility rope. Easy to carry and install anywhere, the vibrant glow is perfect for making boundaries or trails and marking staircases or line property. Use them to line your dock or any staircases you have outside the cottage. Glorope can also be used for search and rescue, boat anchoring, camping, and recreation.

If you spend a lot of time up north in the summer or rent out a cottage to vacationers, consider installing some of our high-quality glow-in-the-dark safety gear to ensure night safety and protection for you, your guests, property, and other boaters.

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