How to Pick the Right Rope in 3 Easy Steps

How to Pick the Right Rope in 3 Easy Steps

Picking the right rope for the job can be challenging. This is why we've created this blog post article to help guide you along choosing the right rope for the project or activity at hand.

GLO rope is never dipped or painted, which avoids all potential compromises to the equipment. With some options providing highly reflective filaments woven into the polyester sheath, you are guaranteed to have a highly reflective product in times where a sufficient charge is not possible.

1. Diameter and Length

The diameter and length of a rope affect the rope’s weight and durability and largely determine its best use. Generally speaking, a skinnier rope is lighter and best for travelling. However, skinnier ropes can withstand less weight and require more skill to safely work with.

Thicker-diameter ropes can be more abrasion-resistant and often stand up better to frequent use. If you’re top roping at the local crag, you’ll probably want a thicker rope. If you’re hiking long distances for multi-pitch climbs or cave diving, you’ll want a skinnier, lighter rope.

2. Rope Features

Features like reflective filaments or water-proof coatings to promote buoyancy affect how you use the rope. If you're working in dark areas with little to no light-source for charging, it's best to go with a rope that also includes a reflective add-on. If charging your rope sufficiently before use is no issue, then a regular all-glow rope will do just fine!

3. Safety Level

Safety is about creating systems where given the chance that one fails, there is another in place to avert an accident. This is why our rope was designed and tested under the harshest conditions giving you the best line of defence against a dark and unpredictable situation.

To make sure you have the right rope for the job, you'll want to make sure you take into account the kind of weight you're looking to suspend or what activity you need the rope for. Be sure to reference the tensile strength along with diameter when shopping for the perfect rope.

If you're looking to use GLOROPE for Search and Rescue missions, a paracord would be too thin and you're better off using a thicker nylon safety rope. However, if you're looking to tie down gear or make a survival bracelet, a paracord rope would be the best choice.

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