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Product Description

Our Kernmantle is U.L. and N.F.P.A. approved. All our Kernmantle ropes meet the requirements of the US Military specification MIL-R-24050-D.

      It is the Primary Choice for all Search and Rescue Crews due to it’s “Static” properties and Superior Tensile Strength of 6900LBS. (3137 KG.) 7/16″ (11mm)

      Why “Static” and what does it mean? Well lets just say for example you are in a situation where you are a rescuer and you are lowering a rope to a victim floating in water. Now your average Nylon Rope normally would have about a 1/3rd stretch factor when wet, and if you find yourself in this hypothetical situation, the last thing you want is your rope to stretch like gum on a hot day. You need a rope with “Static” properties! Meaning a rope that will stretch as little as possible and most importantly you need a rope with the superior strength that only a true life line should have, because you never know what end of it you may find yourself holding.

     Splice-able braided Nylon sleeve over a braided Nylon core. Due to its high strength, Kernmantle is the ideal choice where “STATIC” properties are required.The jacket of the rope is specially steam set which fuses the core of the rope to the jacket, preventing a “milking effect’ and thereby giving the rope the best “Static” properties in the industry.

Rope contains N.F.P.A. Tracer embedded throughout the entire length of the Rope.

And best of all,  like all our GloRope, it’s 100% from fiber to finished product Made in the USA.


 Polyester cover over a Nylon core Block Creel Construction NFPA & UL Listed & Approved Critical Temp 350 degrees F Elongation at break : Less than 20% Tensile Strength 6900lbs (28kN)

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