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Rechargeable Matlite

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Our durable UV Matlite (UV Mat Light) is a rechargeable light that glows vividly for hours on a full charge. Designed to provide families with a reliable and reusable light source that does not rely on batteries, bulbs, electricity or fuels of any kind, Matlites contain exclusive glow in the dark crystals which are brighter, glow longer, and recharge faster than traditional glow in the dark items.

Popular Uses

Whether you’re looking to add sustainable sources of light to your Home, RV, Tent, Trailer, or Boat, Matlites make finding items in the dark easy. These heavy-duty eco-conscious mats are made from a durable resin that will not crack or shatter. Due to its smooth finish and mounting abilities, we recommend using the Matlite for more public spaces.

Average Charging Times

1 Minute of Direct Sunlight 

1-10 seconds with a Flashlight 

5-10 Minutes of Ambient Light 

Key Features

With the ability to absorb ambient light from its environment, there is no need to take it out into a direct light source to recharge. Each reusable UV Matlite is sold separately.

These individual mats can be purchased in 5.5" x 8.5" in size. For a smaller Mat, check out our Matlite Mini. For outdoor adventures that require light packing, check out our UV Paqlite. Waterproof and Durable - Can be cut, drilled, or mounted indoors or outdoors. Remains flexible at room temperature.


These products are not designed to light-up an entire space, but rather be used as markers for specific items.

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