I was surprised - and pleased - to get our GloRope collar so quickly. And equally pleased to see the collar was of such good quality. No more losing my black dog in the night!


I'm on active duty and currently an RI in FL. Picked up some of your Tactiglo for my walking stick which I use for Patrols, Gotta say, it actually kicks ass, and is just enough glow to do just what I need it to do and won't compromise a tactical situation. Nicely done, been needing something like this forever.


As a repeat customer and an avid cave diver, I really wanted to write and tell you I was really impressed when I found GloRope in your online shop. I ordered some and looked forward to my next trip.

I had read a lot of the information you have on your site about the fact that the light can last for up to 12 hours (very impressive) and that it is environmentally safe (important for me) and the difference between fluorescence and photoluminescence (very informative!)

The price was great! I ordered 100ft and as it will last as long as the usual nylon or polypropylene, that’s a good few dives for me….

When it arrived, it charged really quickly as stated on your site, and the luminescence seemed much brighter than any other products I had seen, which was a great safety feature for me. I also liked the fact that the “glow” was worked into the fibers of the rope and there didn’t seem to be any loss or leaking of color when I was done with it and put it down, wet.

It is always a little difficult being underwater in caves with low (sometimes no) light and it sure gets the nerves jumping. However, the light from the rope was so good that I have to say, I was pretty relaxed and really enjoyed my dive

So, just wanted to let you guys know what a great product it was, I will be back for sure!

Theresa W.

I just wanted to let you know that we received our glow in the dark dog collar yesterday. We are very impressed with the quality of the collar. And it really does glow in the dark. I would highly recommend your product to others.

W.N. Michigan

I just got my order of your fabric and I gotta say, this stuff is just crazy and insane glow. Love it!

Chris T. NY

I have a black Lab and she just disappears in the dark, so I recently picked up a large dog collar from you guys, because she keeps getting stepped on and tripped over when I walk through the house at night:
Anyway, I'm glad to say we can see her every time now and there have been no more mishaps, Great and wonderful product and best of all, no batteries.

Kevin J. CO

Hi Glorope, I recently purchased some 75D green glow fabric for a project I've been working on and wow did your fabric please the crowd.

Cindy S. NY

Glorope, I never in my life knew how intrinsically valuable your rope could be until I purchased some of your glow rope last fall before hunting season. But since that time I've had a few experiences that left me knowing that without it I could well have died. Without a doubt your line prevented a serious accident from occurring and had I not replaced my normal line with yours I wouldn't be writing to you today.

Darrel R. MT

We love the glow dog collars, so we ordered one for our second black dog!

Thank you for sharing such a great product.

Kim S, FL

Hello! My name is Karli and I am an undergraduate art student. I recently discovered your glow in the dark nylon fabric when making a project for my installations and environments class this semester. I thought it would be nice to share the result with you and show just one of many possible ways your fabric can be used. This stuff is GREAT! I really enjoyed working with your fabric and am planning to make more projects/tents that glow in the dark in the near future - it seems to be very popular with my peers, family, and friends!
A little about the project: I adopted an old tent from a friend and sewed your glow fabric onto it in an aquatic like pattern to invoke a sense of bioluminescence in the ocean's deep. It's fully functional and I plan to christen it this June at a music festival in my home town.
Thanks for your time,

Karli D, WI

We had the opportunity to use the Glow Rope at a recent training exercise. During our R.I.T. training for a Fire Fighter Mayday call we attached the Glow Rope to our Rapid Intervention Team during deployment. Once they reached the downed Fire Fighter and prepared to egress the structure the Glow Rope was huge asset in assisting the crew with rapidly exiting the structure. The ability of the rope to recharge in elevated temperatures without using light was a huge benefit. It was also invaluable during our large area search training when multiple lines are required to be followed.

We are confident with deploying it in rescues and looking forward to additional training using the Glow Rope.

Captain Peter H

Nanaimo BC Fire Rescue

Today I received the package you have sent. IT IS EVERYTHING I HOPED FOR!!!!!

I opened it in the dark and started drawing. It is so bright and it lasts forever!

I sure hope my drawings will go away in a while because I intend to re-use it of course.

This is such a nice product I am really pleased!

It is also a strong fabric and seems waterproof, am I right? Is it waterproof?

I am timing now for how long the light stays on but I can tell you that the brightness is fabulous for the performance!

I also cut of the glow stickers of the cardboard box. They are very bright too.

Now I can start practicing and organizing how to mount it on stage and use it.

I think I will buy more in the future because I am also interested in the blue version…

The blue could serve as canvas for my oil paint, that would be awesome. There is always a blue sky in my paintings anyway!

I send you photos of my two latest paintings. The one with the trees is finished and glows in the dark when lights go out. And the other one “Palma beach” I worked on today but is not finished yet.

Thank you again for the good care!

Colette D