Making your world GLOW! One product at a time!

Product Description

Taylor Made Marine Glow Super Guard Fenders

We’ve sourced a new pigment and added over 4x the loading to these now legendary fenders. These are solely exclusive to clients and you won’t find these anywhere else. We know what our clients expect and these will cross the “dusk to darkness boundary” like never before. If your nav lights fail you can be seen with these on your boat no problem as these glow like nothing you’ve ever seen for far longer than you ever expect.

Double molded ends with Seamless 1-piece construction. Ribbed sides minimize roll. Extra strength rope hole. Marine-grade vinyl. High-gloss finish. Rubber football needle valve for easy inflation, long life. Recommended inflation: 2 PSI.

Our 6.5 x 22 inch Super Guard Fenders are best suited for boat lengths up to 30 feet.

Taylor Made GloRope Marine Glow in the Dark ultraviolet (UV) light sensitive products glow for up to 12 hours. Once fully charged by the sun, our glow products are visible for up to 12 hours, but the best performance is most visible within the first 6 hours. These will start at a maximum glow and then slowly reduce until the glow is no longer perceptible until recharged by the sun. Glow products are manufactured with a revolutionary new pigment, which will continue to recharge day after day and glow at full strength for many years of enjoyment. And yes, UV rays charge the product even on cloudy days!

When fully charged, our glow products are even glowing during the day, however, it takes darkness for the human eye to perceive the glow. Therefore, the darker the night, the brighter the perceived glow. (Nearby ambient or background lighting will overpower the perceived glow.) And finally, our products do not emit any harmful radiation and are completely environmentally friendly.

Product Details

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