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Product Description

Glow Rope Polypropylene Rescue -3/8 in.

Our 3/8″ Poly Glo Water Rescue rope not only glows in the dark, but also floats and does NOT absorb water. ALL ropes meet the requirements of the US Military specification MIL-R-24050-D. Glows 8-10 hours. And best of all it is 100% Made in USA.

Think about it, if the ambient light is low or even if its completely dark and you needed to rescue someone, if you threw them a Life Line wouldn’t you want them to see it? Sure, you could shine a bright spotlight in their eyes, but does that help them see the Life Line you’ve just thrown? What if it were you that needed rescued? Wouldn’t you want a Life Line that you could see? One that doesn’t sink down in the water before you get to it? This is a true ‘Life Line, why Sail without one!

Price listed is per linear foot.


Glow Polypropylene Cover over a Polypropylene Core, 3/8″ (10mm) Static Kernmantle Construction, Retroglow Reflective Tracers for added Visibility, High Visibility Day or Night, High Strength, Low Stretch Minimum Break Strength: 2,133lbs (9.49 kN), Weight: 2.94 lbs per 100 feet

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