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Product Description

The Glorope Nite Lite. Simple!  Effective!

What is it:  The Glorope Nite Lite is a plastic outlet cover coated in our supercharged glow-in-the-dark material. The Glorope Nite Lite protects your outlets and provides a small amount of light in dark areas.

How it works: It absorbs ambient light from the room and then glows all night. It does not use any electricity!

How bright are they: These no electricity night lights are not bright enough to light up your bathroom but they will provide a little guiding light around the house, down a dark hallway, or around your living room. Think of them as glowing beacons in the night. 

No Electricity. Keeps Outlets Covered. Go Green.

2 Pack

Green Glow in the Dark Outlet Covers

1.5" Round

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