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Glow Necklace

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The rechargeable glow in the dark necklace is made with luminescent materials cast in a resin mold for a durable product with a brilliant glow. Available in Green or Blue glow. 

Popular Uses

Whether you’re wearing this GLO necklace camping, hiking, walking or to public events you can have peace of mind that you are visible from a distance despite dark conditions.

Average Charging Times

1 Minute of Direct Sunlight 

1-10 seconds with a Flashlight 

5-10 Minutes of Ambient Light

Key Features

Made with vivid glow in the dark crystals these necklaces can be easily recharged within minutes from almost any light source. The more intense the light source is, the faster your necklace will charge. These necklaces are available in both blue or green. Each necklace is sold as a “one-size fits all” with an adjustable cord to ensure comfort for anyone.


These products are not designed to light-up an entire space, but rather be used as markers for specific items.

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