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Product Description

A cool variation on our original Glo Dog Collar: This collar is made from non-toxic glow in dark crystals that absorb ANY light to recharge. Just the ambient room light, sunlight, or even the light from a flashlight will make the crystals glow. The crystals recharge quickly and will glow all night long. This collar is 100% waterproof and never uses batteries. It helps prevent tripping over or sitting on your pet by illuminating their location in the dark.
  • Increases nighttime visibility
  • Sturdy nylon
  • Heavy-duty side-release buckle and nylon D-ring 
  • Collar is adjustable
  • Washable
  • Never need batteries
  • Glows all night
  • Helps prevent tripping over, sitting on and stepping on pets by illuminating their location in the dark
  • Pair it with our Glo Pet Tag!

Product Details

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