Rescue Rope Monkey Fist Dog Toy

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We used the same technically engineered glow in the dark static polypropylene ropes to make these floating braided monkey fist dog toys. With a suitable charge from any sufficient light source, GLO toys will glow vividly in dark conditions for 8-10 hours.

Popular Uses

Whether you’re playing fetch or tug-a-war in the day time or at night, this pet favourite is buoyant and durable for all breeds.

Average Charging Times

1 Minute of Direct Sunlight 

1-10 seconds with a Flashlight 

5-10 Minutes of Ambient Light


We are proud to provide a reliable photo-luminescent product that is non-toxic, non-radioactive and contains no liquids or gels. The rope is never dipped or painted, which avoids all potential compromises to the equipment and pet playing with GLO rope.

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