Making your world GLOW! One product at a time!

Product Description

Our Glow in the dark Post caps are a fantastic addition to any dock by providing enhanced safety by way of glowing visual aids which greatly increases your margin of a safe navigational approach during periods of limited visibility.

“Its like adding landing strip lights to your dock” said one of our past clients. Our Glowing Dock Pole Caps glow ALL NIGHT! Avoid bumping into your dock while navigating your boat after dark, and dress up your dock with these power-free, ever-glowing life savers.

Our past customers have also wanted us to pass along that these make awesome Trailer Ball Hitch covers too!

Proper Sizing: Lets face it, this can be confusing because there are pipes that are sized based on the inside diameter of the pipe and some that are sized according to the outside diameter of the pipe. Then there is heavy wall and thin wall pipe which further complicates matters, so for simplicity’s sake alone we’ve listed below the actual inside diameter of the pole caps so all you need to do is measure (in inches) the outside diameter of the pipe you are covering and then select the closest inside cap dimension that comes as close; without going over, your outside diameter pipe measurement.

1 1/2″ Pole caps have an inside diameter of 1 5/8″

1 3/4″ Pole caps have an inside diameter of 1 7/8″

2″ Pole caps have an inside diameter of 2 3/8″

So for example, if you have a pipe that is listed at 1 1/2″ inside pipe diameter, but you measure the pipes outside diameter and it measures 1 7/8″ you would want to select the 1 3/4″ because the inside dimensions of the cap would fit over your pipe without going over your outside diameter measurement)

We now have two glow colors to choose from!

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