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Our Dyna-glo high-strength high-molecular-weight UHMWPE fiber rope is perfect for Search and Rescue Water operations with its hydrophobic Poly-Pro Cover which enables the rope to float. This is the rope that meets all requirements of the U.S. Military Specifications MIL-R-24050-D. And due to its high tensile strength at 4550 pounds at a mere 3/8″ diameter, and along with absolutely zero water retention and zero creep, makes this rope an excellent choice for all High Swift Water Rescue Operations. Its also Splice-able braided Poly-pro sleeve over a braided UHMPE High Perfomance Fiber core, what’s not to like?

      Think about it, if the ambient light is low or even if its completely dark and you needed to rescue someone, if you threw them a Life Line wouldn’t you want them to see it? Sure, you could shine a bright spotlight in their eyes, but does that help them see the Life Line you’ve just thrown? What if it were you that needed rescued? Wouldn’t you want a Life Line that you could see and one that stays on top of the water? One that doesn’t sink down in the water before you get to it? This is a true ‘Life Line,’ why Sail or Power Boat without one? We highly recommend this rope as a “Must Have”, because you’ll never know which end of it you could find yourself on.

 Here is a Review from a Professional Rescue Technician Mike Mather of Mather Rescue:

      “I have had more opportunities to use my Dyna-glo line and I really like it. We’ve done a few practice night ops and as you mentioned we are using and wearing such bright light sources the glowing element isn’t as noticeable on the primary line however the reflective stripe really pops. Where the glorope seems to be better utilized for us is on peripheral things such as perimeter lines and gear cache. One of the biggest hassles on a night op is not losing small items like pulleys and carabiners. We generally set up a line (like a clothes line) called a gear tree to hang loose unused items along with a small (6′x6′) tarp on the ground for keeping track of any loose items. This is often off to the side out of the way. The glowing line really draws attention to it making it easier to keep track of and not step on.

      And when we have an “edge” we are concerned about someone accidentally falling off we mark it with a perimeter line. Again the glowing line really helps keep people aware.

     When the very best Free Divers in the world exclusively rely on our Dyna-glo for their world record setting dives, you can darn well bet it can guide you out of the deepest and darkest places on the planet also.


Glow Polypropylene Cover over a Blended UHMWPE and Polypropylene Core. Static Kernmantle Construction, High Visibility Day or Night High Strength, Low Stretch Minimum Break Strength: 4,650lbs (20.7 kN) Weight: 2.84 lbs per 100 feet.

Indicated Prices: Per Foot   

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