Energlo™ uses photoluminescent glow pigment crystals that are imbedded into the coated side of the fabric that are excited by Ultra Violet Light (U.V.). The side of the fabric that is very sheen and smooth is the “natural side” and the other side that has a thin rubber like photoluminescent coating applied to it is the “coated side”.

In intermediate levels of lighting, the fabric takes on a greenish glow color (or a blue glow depending on your purchase) as the glow competes with the light from its surroundings. In dark conditions, the glow has been measured at 1220 mcd/m2 immediately after charging and, after ten minutes, was still 45 times as bright as required by ASTM 2073 for emergency signage.

To eyes accustomed to the dark, the glow can be seen for several hours or even up to 10 hours after a suitable charge.

It is important to charge the “natural side,” and not the “coated side”. Charging for 10 or 20 minutes in sunlight, 30 minutes in bright fluorescent light, or 20 minutes near a 40W incandescent bulb will generate significant glow.┬áThe higher the Ultra Violet emission of the bulb the longer and brighter the fabric will glow. Lights with “Full Spectrum” have more (U.V.) and will best charge the fabric.

Black lights, or U.V. lamps can and do charge the fabric. The recommended charge time is 20 minutes. Length of glow time should be around 3 hours.

It is best to charge this fabric immediately before taking the stage for best theatrical effects. It is also best to prep the audience with very low light levels so that their eyes are adjusted and are more acute to seeing light in darkness.

The fabric will last the same as other nylon fabrics. The photo luminescent properties should last almost indefinitely.

Occasional blemishes are naturally produced by the manufacturing process and are purely cosmetic in nature. They do not in any way reduce the effectiveness, or strength of glow characteristics on the natural side of the fabric.

The chemical substances used to give our fabric glow properties are considered non toxic. Please contact us if you would like detailed studies or further information.

The “natural” side of the fabric should always face the observer when a garment is made with the coated side toward the wearer.

The fabric can be ironed only at a very low setting and heat can only be applied to the “natural” side. Do not apply heat to the “coated” side of the fabric.

The fabric can be hand washed or machine washed only in cold water. Dreft® laundry detergent is the only soap we have found that does not cause the fabric to curl.

The denier weight represents the thread count. The higher the denier weight, the thicker the fabric. 75D is the lightest fabric we carry and it about as thick as a bed sheet. The 600D fabric is a heavy canvas that is similar to what is used to make backpacks.