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Product Description

  • Brightness:Glows All Night Long as a Marker/ Identifier
  • Rechargeable:Expose it to ANY Light to Recharge (sunlight, room light, flashlight, etc)
  • Durability:Solid. Non Yellowing Resin. Can be Cut/Drilled
  • Longevity:Never Wears Out. Never Expires. Lasts Forever.
  • Limitations:Glows in ANY temperature. Only visible in the dark.
  • Uses::Attach to items you want to find in the dark i.e. keys, kids, flashlight, BOBs, EDCs, 72 hour kits, etc.
  • DIY:Can be Cut/Drilled for DIY zipper pulls, trail markers, guy line markers, and more.
  • *:Non-Toxic. Non-Radioactive. MADE IN THE USA.



What is it? UV GloStiks (U V Glow Sticks) are reusable glow sticks. They glow as identifiers in the darkness all night long, recharge from any light source, and are reusable over and over again forever. They never wear out or degrade over the years.


How Do They Work?

Inside each reusable glow stick are enhanced glow in the dark crystals. These crystals absorb any light to charge, glow in the dark all night long (+12hours) and never expire. They are non-toxic, non-radioactive, and contain no liquids or gels. Watch Video to find out what's inside the Tooblites (HTTPS://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=ET06CC6GS-K) (29 second video)


How Fast Do They Charge?

1 minute of direct sunlight
5 - 10 minutes of ambient light
1 - 10 seconds with a flashlight
The more "intense" the light source = faster charge time


How Bright Are They?
All of our glow sticks are designed to be markers/beacons/locators in the dark. Attach them to items you need to easily access in the dark. They are not designed to illuminate space.


How to Make Glow Sticks Brighter: 

If you need them to illuminate space just "super charge" them with flashlight (see YouTube video:HTTP://YOUTU.BE/GW5UZQ7OTZA(50 second video)


What's the Difference in Glow Sticks? Watch YouTube Video- (HTTPS://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=UCQCDFPY2K8(46 second video)


Suggested Uses: Attach UV GloStiks to items you need to find in the dark such as kids, keys, flashlights, backpacks, gear, fire starters, etc.

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