There’s nothing quite like watching the sunset from out on the water, but how do you get back to shore once the sun has gone down? Nighttime boating can be an enjoyable activity but if you don’t follow the right safety precautions, you could end up in trouble. It’s easier to become lost on the water or bump your boat into jagged rocks during the night. Here are a few tips to help you safely navigate the waters after dark.

Slow Down

It’s a good idea to slow your boat down after the sun sets to prevent potential accidents. Landmarks such as rocks, islands or floating docks may be difficult to see at night, so it’s easy for you to get steered off course or damage your boat if you move too fast. Slowing down is the best way to secure control of your boat when it’s hard to see what’s around you. Many areas have lower speed limits for boats at night, so going too fast could land you with hefty fines and legal trouble as well.

Avoid Distractions

It takes concentration to navigate a boat after dark. That’s why it’s important to minimize the amount of distractions around you so you can focus on getting your boat back to shore. Lower the volume of any music you may be listening to or turn it off completely—loud noises can drown out the sounds of other boats in the water, which could lead to collisions.

Know Your Signals

Anyone who takes a boat out for a spin should know the basic light signs that boaters use to signal one another. Each combination of red, white and blue lights indicates whether a boat is coming or going, and from what direction. Knowing these signals will make easy for you to navigate passing other boats in the night.

GloRope: The Practical Response

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