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Glow Tuff End Buoy! A Exclusive,


That’s right! We add over 4x the amount of glow pigment to our Glow Tuff End Buoy! Far more than has ever been put into this type of marine product. Why? Because we can!

We know what our customers expect from our products! There is a crucial time that a glow buoy needs to surpass between twilight and total darkness. This period can be several hours in the summer months, so we have taken glow technology to a whole new level with our latest line of Glow Tuff End Buoy. These buoys glow like nothing you’ve ever seen before and longer that you would even think possible.

Find your mooring location with ease or use as an added visual safety measure to ensure other boaters can see your anchor lines location. These provide an invaluable measure of safety and overall enhancement to any boating activity. They glow so brightly they can even be used as an alternate light source in emergency situations. Safety is about a redundancy of systems and there is no doubt this is the final answer when all other measures of demarcating have failed.

Our GLO-Tuff End buoy features heavy duty seamless construction to meet the punishing demands of the commercial marine industry. Favored by commercial fishermen for their durability, and useful in raft-ups where boats are constantly moving. GLO-Tuff End Bouy fender ends are made from injection molded vinyl tested to 2000 psi tensile strength, the strongest in the industry! GLO-Tuff Ends feature large line holes that will accept standard shackles. The curved design hole prevents chafing. Compressor or football needle valve inflation. Shipped deflated.

Made from thick-walled marine grade vinyl for durability because our customers expect the best!
Injection molded ends for high strength and
Trivalve™ located on the side of the buoy for easy inflation with football needle or compressor.
Great for larger boats or rafting!
Can also serve as a valuable man overboard marker in periods of limited visibility in addition to a thrown rescue buoy.

Available in 9, 12, or 15 inch.

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9", 12", 15"


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