Glow Dog Jackets


Glow Dog Jackets by Glo-Jacks! Exclusive to!



Glow Dog Jackets by Glo-Jacks! Exclusive to!

Apparel for dogs just got a whole lot better with these Glow Dog Jackets by Glo-Jacks! We are proud to introduce our newest line of dog jackets that utilize our amazing glow in the dark Energlo materials.

Our new Glo-Jacks are a premium cozy functional and completely reversible dog jacket that comes with fashionably awesome looks. These jackets feature the best fitting stylish looks that one can expect along with superior durability and functionality. GloJacks are easy to put on and non restrictive, so your best friend won’t even know its there and can do all those things they love, its just that now they can do it a whole lot warmer. One side is made with our green glow 75D Poly oxford Energlo materials and the other side is a warm printed fleece or solid color option. The Large size only Glo-Jacks even come with a side pocket so you don’t have to carry around a bag for those…er….. special treats they leave for their owners .

Best of all, they are MADE IN THE USA (yeah I know, crazy right?)

Neck to tail: 8 inches to 9 inches
Neck velcro closure: 8.5 inches to 10 inches
Waist velcro closure: 13 inches to 15 inches

Neck to tail: 10 inches to 11 inches
Neck velcro closure: 10.5 inches to 12 inches
Waist velcro closure: 15 inches to 17 inches

Neck to tail: 12 inches to 13 inches
Neck velcro closure: 12.5 inches to 14 inches
Waist velcro closure: 17 inches to 19 inches

Neck to tail: 14 inches to 15 inches
Neck velcro closure: 14.5 inches to 16 inches
Waist velcro closure: 19 inches to 21 inches

Wash in warm water with Dreft Laundry detergent for best results. Hang Dry Only!

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Black & White Paw Print – Reversible, Burgundy Quilt – Reversible, Gray Plaid – Reversible with Fleece, Green Plaid – Reversible with Fleece, Navy Blue Quilt – Reversible, Woodland Camo- Reversible with Fleece