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Our polyethylene Glow Dock Bumpers are tough, insanely bright, and can easily be seen all night long. Rest easy when you’ve equipped these to your dock. These Glow Dock Bumpers will not only protect your dock it will not scuff or damage your hull.

Use it as a navigational aid to help vector you in on those late evening returns.

You can now walk safely on your dock at night in the glow of their luminous edge delineation.  Glow Dock Bumpers are also helpful to those disembarking from the boat at night.

These Glow Dock Bumpers will last for years as it is the same high strength plastic they use to make fuel cans and have excellent U.V. resistance.

Our 24″ and 2 piece corner bumpers are direct front mountable with screws or lag bolts, and with no fuss. While our 36″ are bolted on from the rear with three flush embedded threaded wells making for a clean and seamless look which also makes it much harder to steal.

Our soft vinyl 10 inch corners and 18 inch straight dock bumpers are extremely tough but ensure a soft docking for your boat. They are exclusive to from Taylor Made, a leader in the marine industry!

(hardware not included)

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10" Corner – Marine Glo, 24" Straight – Marine Glo, 36" Straight – Marine Glo, 10" Corner – TM – Vinyl, 18" Straight – TM – Vinyl


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