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Energlo Fabric

The world’s first “Industrial” Glow Fabric! The brightest glowing fabric in the world. Guaranteed! Available in Green or Blue glow (Blue Glow- 75D only).

Energlo Glow Fabric has thousands of uses. Clothing, Camping, Costumes, Construction Wear, Firefighting, Hats, Lamp Shades, Footwear, Furniture, Pet Apparel, Back Packs. Literally endless possibilities.

Over 400 companies worldwide have incorporated Energlo coated fabrics into products. Snowboarding and Skiwear, childrenswear, dog coats, bags and back packs, safety workwear, drysuits / life vests, child’s jogging carriers, window fashions, toys, and medical products.

Our waterproof breathable glow-in-the-dark coatings are applied to woven synthetic fabric types such as nylons and polyesters. We also apply a Teflon HT durable water repellent finish (DWR) so water beads off when exposed to rain. Energlo is a coated fabric with patented photo luminescent crystals encapsulated into a waterproof breathable coating on the back of fabrics. We can produce twelve different fabric types ranging from light weight 50D poly microfibers to heavy back pack grades in 600D poly oxfords

Our new photo luminescent polyurethane hydrophilic coating creates a glowing fabric brighter than any other available. Light absorbing crystals are embedded in multiple layers of PU coating that absorb the energy in natural and full spectrum light. This excites the molecules within the crystals and makes them spin. When the light source removed, the molecules emit light as energy output.

Energlo is made of a synthesized crystal that is completely safe and non-toxic. As Energlo is encapsulated in to the coating, it cannot come off to be ingested or affect skin. Energlo technology meets all applicable MSDS safety standards. This confirms full safety compliance for both handling and use to humans and animals. MSDS Sheets available upon request. Energlo is Oeko-tex class 3 certified.

1 meter of fabric ordered consists of roughly 3 ft x 5 ft of fabric – 15 ft sq total.

Can’t decide? Want to try our fabric out? Order an Energlo Fabric Sample Kit here – https://glorope.com/product/energlo-fabric-sample-kit/

Glow Duration Chart

Time in Dark Luminance (mcd/m2)
10 minutes 908
30 minutes 342
1 Hour 189
2 Hours 119
4 Hours 67
8 Hours 32
16 Hours 18
24 Hours 13

Additional information

Weight N/A

75D Blue Glow, 75D Green Glow, 150D, 160D, 420D, 600D


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